IT Training

We provide IT training to help your employees make the most out of the software available to them. Our half or full-day workshops are tailored to what you actually need, whether it is basic IT training or our advanced courses to enhance existing skills.  We will carry out a free, no-obligation training needs analysis to ensure our workshop meets the needs of your group. 

Our Microsoft 365 training takes you through all the features of the software, making the transition straightforward for your employees and causing minimum disruption to your business.

  •  Have you already migrated to 365 but not using it to its fullest extent?
  • Is your company using Office 2010, 2013 or 2016 and will shortly be migrating to Microsoft 365?
  • Have you recently upgraded your systems and they have a later version of the traditional desktop software, including Outlook, Excel and Word?
  • Are you considering using SharePoint and OneDrive?

Features include:

  • Migrating to version 365 – Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote.
  • SharePoint – share and manage content across your organisation.
  • Introduction to Teams, incorporating Channels.
  • OneDrive for Cloud Storage.
  • Microsoft 365 Features Overview (including Planner, Flow, Sway and Forms).

Are you looking for a software product which allows teams to work together on projects, knowing that all the information related to the project is in one place, version control of the files is not an issue, and that all the information regarding the project can be shared in a safe and secure environment?

SharePoint is the answer, but it’s not only about managing your Excel spreadsheets and your Word documents, SharePoint allows you to share Calendars and provides an invaluable ‘Search’ tool to assist you in locating information.

Our training includes the following:

  • Introduce SharePoint – Public Sites, Team Sites, Follow Sites.
  • Set Up Projects/Groups.
  • Invite to Site/Share Site.
  • Newsfeed/Yammer.
  • Layout/Add Features.
  • Projects – Calendar, Tasks, Notebook, Documents (Shared).

The objective of our Microsoft Outlook training is simple – it is designed to give you and your employees time-saving techniques to ensure that you get the most out of Microsoft Outlook!

By the end of the training you will:

  • Know how to keep control of your Inbox – get your emails down to zero!
  • Understand and effectively use Tasks.
  • Have an effective Calendar that works for you.
  • Know how to manage your Contacts and link them to Task and Calendar entries.
  • Have the knowledge to gain at least 1 hour in your working day – guaranteed!
  • Manage your emails with our unique FATCAT process.

All our training is on-site and you will work on your own emails while being trained, therefore applying the learnings immediately! The training will be delivered as a half or full day group workshop on-site at your offices.

Our Excel training workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs, taking you through all the features of Excel you require, often focussing on a specific business requirement. Detailed below are a selection of the topics which can be covered during training:

Excel Foundation

  • Understand and use basic formulae and the AutoSum function.
  • Have the ability to use specific Data Formats (e.g. Currency).
  • Customise a spreadsheet using Colours, Patterns and Borders.
  • Be aware of easy-to-use time-saving features within Excel.
  • Know how to generate Charts and Graphs.

Excel Intermediate

  • Effectively use worksheets inside spreadsheets.
  • Understand how to validate data, i.e. ensure that cells can only contain specific values.
  • Know how to Sort and Filter data and use Subtotals.
  • Know how to automatically transfer data between worksheets and spreadsheets.
  • Devise a spreadsheet which is specifically required by your organisation.

Excel Advanced

  • Understand how to use the ‘Lookup’ features.
  • Know how to analyse data using Pivot Tables.
  • Be aware of how to automatically perform commands or actions using Macros.
  • Use the Date/Time/IF Functions.
  • Devise a complex spreadsheet which is specifically required by your organisation.

Our Word training courses are tailored to meet your specific needs, and will be delivered as half day or full day group workshops, taking you through all the features of Word you require, often focussing on a specific business requirements. Detailed below are a selection of the topics which can be covered during training:

Word Foundation

  • Know how to create a new Word document.
  • Understand how to correctly use Fonts and Paragraphs.
  • Headers and Footers, Bullet Points and Borders and Shading.
  • Understand the Clipboard (Copy, Cut and Paste).
  • Devise a document which is specifically required by you.

Word Intermediate

  • Know how to insert Tables, Quick Parts and Building Blocks.
  • Effectively use Styles to standardise text.
  • Understand how to insert References and Bibliographies.
  • Mail Merge and Email Merge.
  • Be aware of the features of Track Changes.

Our PowerPoint training course is delivered as a full day group workshop, and we take you through devising a presentation that is specifically required by you, taking you through the following features, to ensure that by the end of the training you are fully comfortable using Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • How to create a new presentation from scratch
  • Shapes, pictures, text boxes and illustrations
  • Slides and Master Slides
  • Animating a PowerPoint presentation
  • Tables within PowerPoint
  • Transferring information to and from other applications
  • Using colours/themes to automatically change a presentation
  • Slide Show and tips for delivering your presentation.

Microsoft Teams training consists of a full and half day workshops on how to utilise the benefits of Teams. Not only is it the replacement for Skype for Business, but it is a fantastic tool for internal communication inside an organisation.

Whether it is for instant messages / chats or a video or audio call to an individual or group of people, Teams is simple to use on the desktop app, mobile app or even on the web. The massive advantage of Teams is the ‘teams’ feature – no more email chains, no more multiple replies of confirmation from a group email or losing track of which attachment is being worked on – Teams allows for groups to communicate, reply to messages, attach files and documents and collaborate together.

Teams can also replace your current phone system as a fully featured VOIP phone system and replace current conference call and webinar solutions.

Our workshops include:

  • Getting to grips with Teams and its major features.
  • Using the Audio and Video Calling features.
  • Managing and using Chats and Teams.
  • Collaboration – work together on the same file and the same time.
  • Online Webinars, Conferencing Calls, scheduled meetings – use Teams to set up and manage.
  • Add additional 365 Apps and connect to SharePoint sites.

Our OneDrive Training covers the following subjects:

  • OneDrive Capabilities
  • OneDrive Options
  • Version History
  • Synching to the Desktop
  • Synching to the Computer
  • Synching SharePoint files
  • Managing OneDrive for Business
  • Managing Files in File Explorer

Our Windows 10/11 training course is delivered as a half day group workshop, taking you through all the new and exciting features of both versions of the Operating System, and is delivered on-site at your offices.

Our unique and in-depth training session caters for both employees who are still using Windows 10, and employees who have recently installed Windows 11.

Windows 10 Features which are included in the training:

  • Windows desktop, including Peek and Snap.
  • The new Windows 10 interface – Tiles.
  • Saving time in your day with quick Shortcuts.
  • Grouping Shortcuts in a crisp way by Pinning them.
  • Windows Search – a great time-saving feature.
  • Windows ‘Extras’ e.g. Snipping Tool and Sticky Notes.

Windows 11 Features which are included in the training:

  • Start Menu which has more features to personalise it.
  • Built in Teams for Calls / Video.
  • Snap Assist to organise windows.
  • Streamlined Settings navigation.
  • Widgets.
  • Improved Action Center and Notifications.
  • Improved Built In Apps, including Photo App and Phone Link App.

Connect to your data from multiple sources and graphically represent in report format. Refresh the data, accessing the most up to date information, trends, performance and KPI data. Filter and drill down into the data to get the most from information in your organisation.

The training topics include:

  • Introduction to Power BI (PBI Desktop, Service and Mobile).
  • Transforming Data.
  • Data Models.
  • DAX Functions.
  • Creating Reports.
  • Power BI Service.
  • Data Flows / Data Sets.

Our Publisher training is delivered as a full day group workshop, on-site at your offices, to take you through all the features of the software, as detailed below. Features include:

Publisher Foundation

  • Know how to create a straightforward Publisher document.
  • Understand how to modify Text and use Text Boxes.
  • Know how use Pages and Sections within your document.
  • Insert Graphics and how to design your document.
  • Devise a document which is specifically required by you.


Publisher Intermediate

  • Understand how to use Tables within Publisher.
  • Learn how to use Schemes and Styles.
  • Use Master Pages to make documents consistent.
  • When to use Publisher and when to use Word?
  • Devise a complex document.

Microsoft Access is a great software tool for storing very large amounts of data. Whilst Microsoft Excel can store data too, there is a limit to Excel’s capabilities, which is where Access takes over. 

Access is a relational database program, which means you can create separate tables of your data and make links (relationships) between them. Our Access training course is delivered as a full day group workshop, on-site at your offices. 

Features include:

  • Getting started with Access.
  • Creating a Database.
  • Working with Data.
  • Relationships.
  • Forms.
  • Queries.
  • Reports and Importing/Exporting Data.

Our Microsoft Project training course not only provides you with an excellent working knowledge of how to utilise Microsoft Project, it also gives delegates an in-depth knowledge on how to successfully manage projects in the work place.

The course will be delivered as a group workshop, on-site at your location.

Features include:

  • Project Planning – why is planning so important, what are the different plans, when are plans produced?
  • The Project Schedule – Activities and Milestones, Timescales, Resources
  • Delivering the project – sequencing, dependencies, critical paths.

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Prices per workshop:

  • Group Workshop – full day – £749+vat
  • Group Workshop – half day – £549+vat

(excludes travel expenses – quote available upon request)

Prices per workshop:

  • Group Workshop – full day – £675+vat
  • Group Workshop – half day – £475+vat