Options to extend course access

We offer generous a generous timeframe to complete your qualification.  However, we understand that life sometimes gets in the way!

By default, our Level 3 and 4 qualifications have a 12 month completion deadline. We allow 18 months to complete Level 5 qualifications. If you do not complete the course within this period of time, you can extend the qualification for up to 12 months. 

You can set up your extension online by choosing the option below, or contact us if you would like an invoice or alternative payment options. If you do not know how long you would like to extend for, you can pay-as-you-go by direct debit. 


We offer a fair amount of time  for learners to complete qualifications. This is aligned to our competitors and in some cases exceeds the length other providers allow. 

Most people work to deadlines and without a cut off date, many of our students would not complete the course, a deadline adds motivation and an element of urgency to submit work.

As a training provider, we must ensure that we have enough tutors to manage workload and ensure we can support students effectively. This is not possible to manage if qualifications are open ended and would result courses becoming unviable to run at competitive prices.

We prefer students complete the course rather than extend unnecessarily. The length of time you extend will depend on how much time you can commit to complete the course. Our monthly pay as you go option may help motivate you to complete quicker, knowing that you are being charged each month. 

We now accept direct debit for monthly or one off payments. Click the button above ‘Pay by Direct Debit’ to set up your bank details and we will confirm the payment schedule. You can choose which date to make the payment. 

If preferred, we can set up monthly payments to be deducted from a card. 

You can purchase this online using the buttons above, or if preferred we can produce an invoice with a payment link. 

Yes, please advise the invoicing details if not already known. If your company requires a purchase order number, please ensure this is provided.

If you purchase an extension and do not complete within this timeframe, you can extend further either on a monthly basis or purchase another block period.

If you are paying monthly, you can cancel the extension at any time.  All extension fees paid are non-refundable.